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General Assembly in Sofia, Bulgaria

Sat, 06/29/2024 - 12:47

GA Sofia

From May 9th to 13th, our Vice-President and Web Project Administrator attended ESN's General Assembly (GA) in Sofia, Bulgaria. GA is the highest decision-making body of ESN International. It meets physically twice per year, in Autumn and Spring. During this Spring edition, we voted on the International Board of ESN AISBL for 2024/2025. It is the highest executive body of ESN. The GA is coordinated by the General Assembly Chairing Team (CT) composed of the GA Chair, GA Administrator and GA Secretary. In Sofia, we voted on the General Assembly Chairing Team for 2024/2025. Apart from leading the GA meetings, the CT also administers the GA throughout the year, allowing for actions like additional participatory procedures. We discussed many important topics for the ESN Network, such as general guidelines documents for the Erasmus Destination of the Year initiative, Barriers of Mobility and Visa Issues for Non-EU Students Survey results, report and evaluation of EGM 2024, long-term vision, new event registration system, work and engagement evaluation and identification of areas for improvement. Big thanks to all the organizers and participants for this insightful event!