Name: Romy Smit
Position: National SocialErasmus Coordinator
When: Became a member of ESN January 2017
Studies: I'm studying Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology as major and Spanish as minor at Utrecht University.
About me: My name is Romy Smit and I'm from Alkmaar in the Netherlands. I'm studying Cultural Anthropology at the University of Utrecht and I'm currently doing my Erasmus in Bergen, Norway and I've loved every minute of it. The reason why I chose to come to Norway is because of the fact that I've lived in New Zealand for a year and fell in love with the beautiful nature over there. Many people told me that I definitely had to go to Norway to experience how beautiful it could be closer to home as well and well here I am. I'm also addicted to running and last November I finished my first Marathon in New York! I ran the NY Marathon for the Children Cancer Society (KiKa) in the Netherlands and raised around 6000euros on my own for them, so it was even more special to finish it. Oh and I really love reading books and drinking wine!
Fun Fact: I've only lived in countries starting with the letter N: New Zealand, Norway and the Netherlands!

Sea Battle

Name: Oda Kaja Ombudstvedt
Position: National Sea Battle Coordinator
When: Became a member of ESN fall 2014
Studies: I'm studying to become a teacher
About me: I am 24 years old and I am originally from Oslo. I have been living in Trondheim for almost 6 years. I have not been on exchange while studying, but I really enjoy getting to know people from other countries and that is why I joined ESN Trondheim. In my section I am part of the party planning group. I love to party and plan trips and that was the reason I first went to Sea Battle. After my first time there and experiencing how much fun it was, I was very happy that I got chosen to be the national coordinator. I have now been a coordinator for almost 2 and a half year.
Fun Fact: I have been to Sea Battle 5 times!