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Norwegians are generally good English speakers. They start learning English at a very young age in school, as well as through digitalization such as social media and commercial movies. Learning Norwegian is therefore not a necessity in order for you to interact and get around in Norway. However, learning a new language is always a unique way to explore a new culture, and we like to think that Norwegian is a pretty easy language to learn. Here are some phrases to get you started!

English Norwegian
Hello Hei
How are you? Hvordan går det?
What's your name? Hva heter du?
My name is ... Jeg heter ...
(Good) Bye Ha det (bra)
Than you (very much) (Tusen) Takk
Please Vær så snill
Sorry Unnskyld
Excuse me Unnskyld meg
Where is ... ? Hvor er ... ?
Left Venstre
Right Høyre
I would like a ... Jeg vil ha ...
Where is the bathroom / toilet? Hvor er toalettet?
Where is the bus station? Hvor er busstasjonen?
How much does it cost? Hvor mye koster det?
I'm hungry Jeg er sulten